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Mexican Car Insurance

Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance Services has been in the auto insurance business for more than 63 years now. We are the largest provider of auto insurance services in Mexico and offer customized solutions to motorists traveling to Mexico from United States and other countries.

Oscar Padilla Insurance Service was founded in 1951 when the founder decided to test out the car insurance market. With an established full-service insurance office in California, he successfully tried out his services with tourists motorists in Mexicali and Calexico. He then set up operations in San Diego, CA.

The decision to start a motor car insurance business/service in Mexico would later turn around the driving habits of motorists in Mexico, as well as those coming from other countries such as the United States. Padilla Insurance was a pioneer service in the Mexico insurance industry. Since its founding, the company has remained one of the most dedicated and unmatched providers of insurance to the motor industry in Mexico.

Frequently asked questions about Oscar Padilla Insurance Service

Why is Mexican insurance necessary?

Mexico traffic rules are similar to those of the United States in many ways. However, the major difference is the manner in which these laws are applied in each country. The difference makes it necessary for those coming from the United States to consult an experienced Mexican auto insurance firm that understands the differences between them. For instance, while the United States law is based on the English Common Law that assumes suspects are innocent unless proved guilty, Mexican law is established under the Napoleonic Code which assumes individuals are guilty until proven innocent.

The Mexican law requires that you respond to damages and injuries if you become involved in an accident. The response is either through cash or an auto insurance policy.

Update to Vehicle Code for BAJA: Effective since January 1, 2012: According to Article 18 of the code, all auto owners and drivers operating in Baja MUST get a mandatory auto liability insurance issued by Baja California. This includes cars with foreign number plates.

Can I use U.S insurance in Mexico?

Before travelling to Mexico, it is necessary to check with your U.S auto insurer whether or not the policy can provide insurance coverage needed in Mexico. Some insurance policies will carry limitations and restrictions for locations, and it is necessary to understand the extent of these limitations. Still, others will carry extensions for practice/application in Mexico, but these might have limitations in regards to application. Knowing the possibilities and limitations of your existing policies makes it possible to make an informed decision in regard to your policy needs.

POINT TO NOTE: Your U.S. Liability coverage is not recognized by Mexican law even if the U.S. Insurance policy cover is valid for application in Mexico. This applies for Liability coverage from other countries. This means you will need to purchase liability coverage once you arrive in Mexico. The only proof of financial liability in auto accident cases in Mexico is a Mexican automobile liability policy.

How much do I pay for Mexico auto insurance?

The leading carrier of tourist auto insurance in Mexico is Qualitas Compania de Seguros. Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance Services represents the company in Mexico and we will assist you in calculating the insurance rates from the company through a Quick Quote. The quotes will either give daily, 6 months, or annual quotes.

NOTE: You will save money if you take a 6 months or an annual insurance policy to cover your car in or after 25 days. This information is given based on cost structure of the Qualitas:

Do I have to name all drivers when taking a Mexico Insurance Policy?

No: You will need to name the driver of the vehicle and if he/she is not coming along with the vehicle in Mexico, you could name the primary driver or anyone who might be in the automobile. We, at Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance Services allow the naming of two drivers.

What if the insurance policy I bought is not adequate for the number of days I was in Mexico?

Sometimes you might discover that you made an errors in regard to the number of days of coverage. There are two ways to deal with the issue:

1) you could purchase another insurance policy for the extra days. To avoid insurance coverage lapses that are illegal, ensure that the second policy begins at exactly the hours and days the first one ends. 2) Buy a New Mexico insurance policy to cover the period of stay and cancel the first by informing us via a phone call at 800-466-7227. We will issue a refund for the first policy.

IMPORTANT: No coverage is available for fewer hours than 24 hours. This is the minimum insurance coverage term. Again, adjustments after discovering errors made on first policy (such as if you notice that the policy does not cover all days) must be requested or made before the first policy comes to effect.

Other important things to know about Mexico auto insurance policy

If the driver caused the accident under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the policy becomes null and void.

The auto insurance policy becomes null and void if the driver does not have a driving license.

You must describe a towed automobile in the policy. Otherwise, the coverage may be nullified later in case an accident occurs.

For purposes of insurance claims, the insured must disclose existence of all other policies offered for the same risk by other insurers.

You must report the insurance claim while still in Mexico. Claims will be denied if the insured has returned to United States.

An Auto Theft report must be filed with Mexican authorities by the owner of the vehicle if a total theft occurs. The report must be filed in person. It can also be filed by the person who had the vehicle when it was stolen.

The registered owner of a vehicle is the only person who signs for its release if it becomes impounded in Mexico. The signing should also be done in person.

We have provided motorists travelling in Mexico with the right auto insurance solutions for 63 years running. We welcome those willing to take advantage of our services in Mexico to reach us through emails and calls. You can also reach us with more questions and issues. Our Customer Service staff will respond to your queries in short order.


For 63 years we have successfully provided mexican auto insurance to motorists traveling in Mexico. We've tried addressing the most common insurance questions above and continue to welcome calls or emails for additional inquiries. 

Our Customer Service staff is standing by to offer assistance and can be reached as follows:

Toll-Free (800) 466-7227








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